Duncan's notes



Duncan's notes


DuPont, Hopewell, Virginia


Notes transcribing much of the scrapbook's text.


Warren L Duncan


Appomattox Regional Library




Josh Sloan, Jeanie Langford


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Teachers (top) DuPont School for Coming Americans.
Greeks, Italians, Armenians and Russians-all anxious to join.
History and Government.
From the object to the word.
Writing and Reading.
Personal Help does the Work.
Chemists, clerks, draft men, supervisors and foremen-all help to teach.
When lawns were unknown and flowers thought to be impossible, June 1916. (Two pictures)
When walking is a problem.
Board Walks help, but something else is still needed. February 1916.
Transformed by attractive lawn and flowers, June 1917.
Cannas with a good start, June 1917.
Barren and Muddy, 621 E. St., February 1917.
Vegetation started, March, 1917. 621 E. St.
A row of small houses, March 1917.
Small houses after flowers and lawns were started, June 1917.
Self "B" Village Street, March, 1917.
Young life making living more agreeable.
James River Bunk House, in the old days.
James River when family life and flowers appear.
Patriotic and home life.
Who said a garden would not grow in a pine woods.
Men of tomorrow not forgotten.
Boy Scouts before the safety lecture.
The dream of many days-a trip through the plant.
Helping to create Red Cross interest.
Getting recruits for the Army.
A neat and attractive arrangement/Wm. Kyle 710 N. 10th St.
Banner cottage Wm. Broughton, 701 North 8th St.
Back yard of same cottage.
Once a muddy pipe line.
The winner of the season, CP Dwyer, 621 E. St.
The banner block of small houses, Davis St.
A transformation to be proud of, South "B" Village.
Unkempt and wasted, January 1917.
Utilized and transformed, July 1917.
An unsightly catch-all.
Changed to help win the war.
Every foot utilized.
Making first impressions good.
Not an inch wasted, garden of T. A. Buford.
James River Playground.
South "B" Village Playground.
Luncheon and farewell to the drafted man.
Selected men, To help make the world safe for democracy.
The first Community Fair, September 1917.
Knights' Parade to the Ground.
Sidelights on the Riders.
Lining up for the charge.
Cheering the Riders.
1200 Jars of Canned Goods
A big surprise in fancy work. Samples from the 1500 gardens.
For information and comfort.
Men who put the splint in "Splinters".
James River "Y" after the fire.

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