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Text reads "chemists, clerks, supervisors & foremen all help to teach"

Text reads "Teachers, DuPont School for Coming Americans" as well as "W L D" identifying Warren L Duncan in photo
Text in ink pen written at a later date also says "W L D" with an arrow pointing towards Warren L Duncan, who is the creator and…

Text reads "the first piece of extension work after the fire helping to provide food and shelter." The text on the physical photograph appears to read "the bread line at Hopewell."

Text reads "Along the "Pipe Line" Mud! Mud! Mud!"

Photo displays a trash pile next to a house.

Photo displays staff of the B Branch YMCA. Blue ink text identifies Warren L Duncan in photo.

Top left text reads: "YMCA staff "B" Village"
Blue ink identifies Warren L Duncan
Top right text reads: "Mrs Mr Jones "Pop""

Text reads "Banner Cottage, Wm. Broughton, 710 N. 8th St."

Image displays members of the YMCA posing in front of their new building. The smoke rising from the ground in front of the members is coming from the pig which is slow roasting underground.

Text reads "Barren & muddy 621 E St., February, 1917"
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