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  • Collection: Warren L Duncan

Boy Scouts pose for a picture after hearing a safety lecture

Text reads "The dream of many days-a trip through the plant."

Text reads "Picture 1, 2, 3, 4 using gourd vines to change the appearance of a shed.
Picture 5, the garden and the gardeners."

Top text reads: "Picture 1. Front and side, flowers and vines."
Middle text reads: "Picture 2. Back view, the 12 x 14 garden that supplied the household with 13 varieties of vegetables"
Bottom text reads: "Picture 3. Enjoying the shade."

Scrapbook page originally contained four photos.
Top left text reads: "Cottage. HF Custer."
Top right text reads: "vegetables of all kinds"
Bottom center text reads: "gardens in the rear"
Text accompanying missing photo reads: "grandpa and…

Scrapbook page contains three photos.
Top left photo's accompanying text reads: "Picture 1. Tomato vines 11'8" hight with tomatoes weighing from 25 to 30 ounces."
It is unclear which text applies to which photo with the other two photos.
Top text…

Home with large vine and flower garden
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