Tubize Artificial Silk Co.


Tubize Artificial Silk Co.


Hopewell, Virginia


The Tubize Artificial Silk Co. made an artificial silk material called Rayon. The factory was in use from 1921 to 1934. These images show various buildings and interiors of the factory site.


Appomattox Regional Library




Nandhitha Agaram, Josh Sloan, Jeanie Langford


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Atwood Twisting Machine
Text on rear of card reads: "View #1 – A April, 1933 Close-up view of Atwood Twisting Machine in use at this time, showing old type wooden pin bobbins constant take-up speed of same maintained by yarn cake rolling on constant speed drive roles."

View of Winding Departments
Text on rear of card reads: "View #40 October, 1933 View of Winding Departments, showing in the foreground, Cone Winding Equipment winding directly from mechanically denitrated package without an intermediate rewinding from the Twisting Dept. onward.…

View of Twisting Dept.
Text on rear of card reads: "View of Twisting Dept., showing Atwood Twisting Machines as modified for 125 mm. bobbins. The Reeves Variable Speed Drive is not shown, same being on the other end of machines.

See View #1 old appearance."

Factory building
Factory building stands, 3 men outside bay door, 2 men on roof

Factory building with scrap pile in front
Men working on scaffolding

Building under construction
Extremely long one-story building which appears to be under construction

Factory building with construction materials in front
Large factory building with interesting roof is foregrounded by construction materials.

Tubize power plant under construction with railroad bridge also under construction
Large scaffolding structure surrounds one side of Tubize power plant and a crew and crane work on a railroad line; Text on rear of card reads: "Tubize Power Plant"

Tubize Knitting Mill
Text on rear of card reads: "Tubize Knitting Mill"

Railroad track under construction
Men at work constructing a train bridge
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